Water sports

For the active vacationer there is plenty to do here, such as diving, snorkeling, and water sports. Especially surfing is very popular; Aruba is  known as the Windsurfing Capital of the World. Lovers of the sport can best go to the island in June, because then there will be a big competition for surfers from all over the world. Both professional surfers and amateurs challenge each other during this world tournament. Furthermore, the Rembrandt Regatta is organized annually in August. On every beach you will find a provider of all kinds of water sport activities. The most offered activities are jetskies, tubes and parasailing.


Nowadays the real diehards go kitesurfing. You have surf schools in Aruba that can teach you the tricks of kiting. Do not expect that as a beginner you can immediately park your first day on your surfboard; this can take a few days. After the ‘dry’ exercise, you can enter the water. King Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands also learned during their visit to Aruba how they can control the kite!


Aruba has many diving schools. You can get your open water certificate at almost all diving schools. Are you already an advanced diver, then you can choose from the many diving spots that Aruba has. We will gladly advise you which diving school suits you best.

Quad race

In many places on Aruba you can rent a Quad. You can get to know Aruba in a different way.


Aruba has 2 very nice golf courses: Tierra de Sol and Divi Golf